Sparkle (HQ Update)

Missing from the soundtrack

While I do enjoy Aretha Franklin's renditions of the songs featured in the movie I would have liked copies of the movie version of the songs to also have been present on the soundtrack. Since that was not made possible at the time I've compiled the movie version of the songs in the order they appeared in the film for you all to enjoy.

Plot Synopsis

Irene Cara (Fame) and Lonette McKee (Round Midnight) sing and struggle their way to show-business glory in a Supremes-like girl group. Dynamite Curtis Mayfield soundtrack. Year: 1976 Director: Sam O' Steen Starring: Philip M. Thomas, Irene Cara, Lonette McKee


I finally upgraded from my worn Sparkle VHS tape to the DVD so this should take care of the audio problems some of you were having. Available for download are IPOD compatible videos and the movie version soundtrack.

Sparkle OST (Movie Version)


  1. Jump [View]
  2. Hooked On Your Love [View]
  3. (Giving Him) Something He Can Feel [View]
  4. When You Really Love Someone (Giving Up)[View]
  5. Precious Lord (Take My Hand)[View]
  6. Look Into Your Heart (Take One) [View]
  7. Look Into Your Heart [View]
  8. Loving You Baby [View]
  9. Finale [View]


My Best Friend's Wedding

Missing from the soundtrack

One of my favorite scenes from My Best Friend's Wedding is the impromptu sing along to Dionne Warwick. However since the movie version of the song differs from the album version I'm including it for all fans of the movie.


Revenge of the Nerds


Watch as the Lambda Lambda Lambda "nerd" fraternity smashes their competition in this 1984 cult classic. After being rejected by all the fraternities on their campus in the end it is they get the last laugh.


Music and Lyrics


I enjoyed Haley Bennett's performance as Cora Carmen in the film Music and Lyrics, particularly her sizzling concert opener. In case some of you missed the opportunity to view it I'm including a downloable version for your Ipod. If this interests you this concert song and others from the the movie are available on the Music and Lyrics soundtrack.



To Sir, With Love


Can you believe that I had never seen this classic before or more shamefully, even heard of it. Thank goodness for my mother who introduced me to what has become one of my new favorite movies. Below I'm including Ipod videos of my favorite scenes from the movie for you all to enjoy.

[ View ]

I apologize for the lack of posts but I will be updating regularly now that everything has settled. I'll be re-uploading clips and songs with volume problems over the next few weeks and will list which files those are. If there are any media clips or songs that you would like to see on the blog you can leave a comment on the Tag board or send me an e-mail at vouluweb@yahoo.com


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I've been listening to Amy Irving's rendition of Why Don't You Do Right nonstop since I happened upon it a few months ago. The soundtrack is currently out of print but you can likely order the import online. The MP3 version of the song is available for download below and you also view Jessica Rabbit's sultry performance of song from the film.

Why Don't You Do Right
Performed By: Amy Irving
View Video


Big Love

Don't you just love the way she sings this song? I meant to put this up right after it aired but couldn't find the time to do so. I also plan on adding all of the other songs that have been featured on this show to the blog in mid-September.


"The Happiest Girl"
Performed By: Daveigh Chase
[ View ]


"You're So Vain"
Performed By: Daveigh Chase
[ View ]

If you're a fan of the actress/singer she has various songs she's recorded available on her official website that you can listen to.