Big Love

Don't you just love the way she sings this song? I meant to put this up right after it aired but couldn't find the time to do so. I also plan on adding all of the other songs that have been featured on this show to the blog in mid-September.


"The Happiest Girl"
Performed By: Daveigh Chase
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"You're So Vain"
Performed By: Daveigh Chase
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If you're a fan of the actress/singer she has various songs she's recorded available on her official website that you can listen to.


Adventures in Babysitting


AIB is a classic 80's comedy movie that I never cease to enjoy. If no one else had uploaded to YouTube my favorite scene from this movie I swore I'd have to share. Luckily one user (with amazing taste in movies if I might add) has supplied us all with this treasure to enjoy.


Fast Forward


Once upon a time I drove my family completely insane by incessantly watching this movie when I was younger as my love affair with moving to New York to make it against the odds as a dancer took hold of me. So imagine my delight to stumble onto this gem one afternoon while surfing channels. I'd already been making clips of this movie to add to the blog from an old tape in my collection but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to upgrade on quality. Sure the movie is fairly cheesy but I am proud to claim it as one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies. Since I know I'm not alone on this one I'm adding Ipod compatible videos and a movie version of the soundtrack.


Fast Forward IPOD Videos
Part One / Part Two


01. Breakin' Out
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02. Survive [View Video]
03. How Do You Do [View Video]
04. Dance Battle #1 [View Video]
05. Dance Battle #2 [View Video]
06. Fast Forward [View Video]